bt365体育在线 Partners with 我们一起提高 and CONCERN4KIDS As They Put Together Sweet Cases for Foster Children

Debora May and Tana Papinova collaborated together to help foster children when they move from one home to another. 他们和其他信任措施工作人员, Sue-Jane海特, 马尔科姆•琼斯, 4月罗伯茨, Sal Attanasio and Thomas Caggiano, put sweet cases together that were ordered from 我们一起提高 which then were donated to CONCERN4KIDS.

The sweet cases were ordered though 我们一起提高, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children in foster care. This organization created the Sweet Case duffle bag program to show children in foster care that they feel supported during a difficult time moving from one foster home to the next.

Stencils and oil crayons were provided to decorate and customize the side panel of the bags. “重新上色很有趣,”Sue-Jane说, “It’s been so long since I’ve colored and the bags turned out so colorful and cheerful.” Sue-Jane ended up not using the stencils much and free handed circles, hearts and rising sun on an ocean horizon.  The one stencil she did use was of a sea turtle, dolphin and sea horse.

bt365体育在线 branded thermoses were placed in all 20 bags for the children.

“It was heartwarming to help this charity create nice, decorative duffel bags for the kids in foster care so they wouldn’t have to carry their belongings from house to house in a hefty bag,黛博拉·梅说.

Once the sweet cases were decorated by bt365体育在线 staff members, they were then donated to CONCERN4KIDS. This is a not-for-profit organization that provides child welfare, 少年司法, and behavioral health services to foster children and their families.