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bt365体育在线宣布推广活动于7月1日生效,bt365体育在线议员 & bt365体育在线,P.C. (bt365体育在线), 贝塞斯达, 总部位于马里兰州的会计和咨询公司, 本署将于七月一日正式推出下列推广活动, 2021:艾略特Antokas, 注册会计师-高级主管Lisa A. 德拉蒙德,注册会计师-高级经理埃里克. 福克斯,注册会计师-高级主管布兰达L. Haase, CPA – Senior Manager Linda Murphy – Director of Office Operations Suzanne M. Nalls, CPA – Senior Manager Alain Pankopf, CPA – Senior-in-Charge Bhavin B. Patel CPA -… 阅读更多;


皮特·赖利, 黛比会, Jeff May and Alex Seleznev Participated in the Annual Charitable Golf Event to Benefit the Local Chapter of the 财务规划 Association

彼得·赖利, 黛比会, Jeff May and Alex Seleznev participated in the Annual Charitable Golf event to benefit he local chapter of the 财务规划 Association (FPA). The association’s objective is to increase financial literacy and benefit the public by helping to ensure that 财务规划 delivered through proficient and ethical financial planners. 这个慈善活动已经举办了超过25年. It’s a great community of professionals and the 财务规划 scholarships that are offered do… 阅读更多;


委员,bt365体育在线 & bt365体育在线,P.C. 和团队成员为荣誉女性历史月捐赠1170美元

委员,bt365体育在线 & bt365体育在线,P.C. (bt365体育在线), 贝塞斯达, 总部位于马里兰州的会计和咨询公司, 以及个人团队成员, 捐赠1美元,170 to several organizations to honor Women’s History Month in March. 这个活动, D-PATH牵头, an internal employee affinity group dedicated to supporting diversity and inclusion, 是cbm100慈善机构的一部分, a two-year initiative to celebrate the firm’s 100th anniversary through team-wide charitable giving and volunteerism. Donations benefited the Women’s Economic Future Fund, the DC chapter of the Accounting & 金融女子…… 阅读更多;



为了纪念妇女历史月,bt365体育在线议员 & bt365体育在线,P.C. 为艾德娜·尼克而自豪吗, the first of several women who continue to serve as equity partners in our 100-year history. Edna Nick was the first woman to pass the CPA examination in the Commonwealth of Virginia and, 成为认证后, 她将继续在国务委员工作, bt365体育在线 & Mitchell for 51 years and become the firm’s first equity woman partner. 虽然妇女是少数… 阅读更多;


bt365体育在线 Named to 今天会计’s Annual List of 2021 Regional Leaders

委员,bt365体育在线 & bt365体育在线,P.C. has been named one of the regional leaders among accounting firms in the Mid-Atlantic region. 今天会计, 会计行业的主要贸易刊物, annually recognizes the largest tax and accounting practices across the country based on revenue. This is bt365体育在线’s second recognition by 今天会计 in recent months. 去年8月, bt365体育在线 was recognized as the 220th largest firm in the country (jumping up from 245 the previous year) and as one of the… 阅读更多;


Washingtonian Magazine Recognizes 黛比会’s Financial Expertise for the Ninth Time

PDF: Washingtonian Magazine Recognizes 黛比会’s Financial Expertise for the Ninth Time Debora E. May, CPA, CFP®, CDFA®, Executive Vice President at 委员,bt365体育在线 & bt365体育在线,P.C., 公司董事的离婚案, 诉讼, 财富管理与理财实务, 梅巴恩哈德投资公司(May Barnhard Investments)首席投资官, 公司的财务咨询子公司, has been recognized by Washingtonian Magazine as a top financial advisor in the Washington, 特区大都市地区. 梅已经九次被华盛顿人认可。 阅读更多;


bt365体育在线 Senior 审计or Provides Nourishment for the Less Fortunate in Cape Town, South Africa

‘We do not need magic to change the world; we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. 我们有能力想象得更好.——Chichi Bhene Chichi Bhene,bt365体育在线议员之一 & bt365体育在线的最新团队成员, wasted no time in contributing to the firm’s bt365体育在线100-Charities initiative, a project through which team members serve charitable causes across the Washington, 直流电都会区或, 吉吉的情况, 在南非. 吉吉是开普敦的一名高级审计师。 阅读更多;



11月23日, 2020 bt365体育在线’s 审计 Senior-In-Charge Maria Luck donated blood at a OneBlood location in Oviedo, 佛罗里达. OneBlood is a not-for-profit dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of others through their work with blood and stem cells which assist in furthering scientific research. During her donation time, Maria was able give a quarter of a gallon of blood to the cause. She was compelled to donate because “in a COVID world, on top of the world’s individual normal… 阅读更多;



在11月初, bt365体育在线’s Tax Manager Lucy Gomez volunteered at Manna Food Center and Clarksburg CAN – Community Assistance Network to package non-perishable goods for homeless shelters in the DC Metropolitan Area. She spent a total of 10 hours volunteering at the two locations and prepared a number of meals in the process. She worked tirelessly alongside other volunteers to get together as many meals as possible. Manna Food Center is a Silver Spring, MD-based not-for-profit organization dedicated to ending… 阅读更多;



2021年你有什么新年计划吗? Resolutions usually take the form of personal goals like eating healthier or getting rid of clutter around the house. But you can also make New Year’s resolutions for your small business. 1. Be Realistic 关于 Your Goals The start of a new year is often cause for optimism. This is especially true this year for many people who want to put 2020 behind them from both a business and emotional standpoint…. 阅读更多;